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The Board of Directors and members of the Rio South Texas Economic Council (RSTEC) invite you to join your colleagues as a member of this important regional group. Membership in this public and private association of economic development interests within the four southernmost Texas counties – Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, and Willacy - demonstrates a strong commitment to create a competitive region that attracts large projects and results in more jobs for our residents.
The Rio South Texas region has many economic development organizations dedicated to marketing their individual communities. Many of these organizations are funded through the economic development sales tax. Each community has a role to play in marketing their specific area, but many of these same organizations have come together to market the region as one. Public sector entities can’t and shouldn’t be the only ones marketing the region. Private businesses benefit from the activities of these organizations. You also benefit from marketing activities conducted by Rio South Texas Economic Council as a region. Your support of RSTEC can have positive, direct effects on your business’ future. Membership levels for private entities begin at $5,000 annually. Take the opportunity to do your share – and get your share – while creating a stronger Rio South Texas economy. If you want to join RSTEC in the effort to bring new business and industry as well as job growth to the Rio South Texas region, please consider being a part of our team.
The Council is beginning a new membership year and we hope you will consider joining. With twenty three members, RSTEC has grown substantially since its beginning. With your participation, we can continue to market this region as the best choice for global companies seeking profitable and productive locations.
RSTEC is different from the various Chambers of Commerce, including the Rio Grande Valley Partnership. The Chambers serve as a voice for the business community, striving to improve the quality of life in their cities. RSTEC is a marketing organization actively promoting our region as one to national and international business, working to create jobs and increase capital investment in Rio South Texas.
We welcome your questions and hope that you will want to become part of this regional collaborative effort to ensure a strong and vibrant Rio South Texas economy for years to come. For more information, please contact Matt Z. Ruszczak, our Executive Director, at (956) 647-7832.
Membership benefits vary based on the contribution level, but range from the opportunity to help lead by being a part of the Board of Directors to having the opportunity to network with some of the region's best economic development professionals, commercial brokers, marketers, and businesspeople.
Download membership materials here: